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Emeralds and the Four-C's

Emeralds and the Four-C's

| Andrew Fabrikant

In ancient times, Emeralds were connected to Venus, the goddess of love, beauty and prosperity, and was one of the most important pillars of mythology.  Emeralds are a beautiful gemstone that have been admired for their unique and striking green color for thousands of years. Here are some key factors you should know that contribute to the beauty & value of emeralds:

Just like Diamonds, the 4C’s are considered important.

1 Color: The most important factor in the beauty of emeralds is their color. The finest emeralds have a rich, vivid green hue that is both intense and saturated. This color is caused by the presence of trace amounts of chromium and vanadium in the stone.

2 Clarity: Emeralds are known for their natural inclusions, which can resemble veins or fissures within the stone. Some people find these inclusions to be part of the charm of the emerald, while others prefer a more clear stone. Either way, the inclusions in emeralds can make each stone unique and visually interesting.

3 Cut (shape): The way an emerald is cut can significantly impact its beauty. A well-cut emerald will have good symmetry, proportions, and a smooth surface that allows light to pass through and reflect off the gemstone.

4 Carat weight (size):  As with other gemstones, the larger an emerald is, the more impressive and visually striking, and valuable it can be. However, carat weight is not the only factor to consider when evaluating the beauty of an emerald.  Size does matter, but how much it matters depends on the other 3C’s.

Overall, emeralds are a stunning and unique gemstone that can add a touch of natural beauty and elegance to any piece of jewelry. Their rich green color and natural inclusions make them stand out from other gemstones, and their beauty has been admired for centuries.