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AbOUT Andrew Fabrikant & Sons

Family owned and operated in the heart of the Diamond District, Andrew Fabrikant is New York City’s leading diamond and estate jewelry buyer. With a family history spanning four generations in the jewelry trade, Andrew prides himself on his expansive knowledge of jewelry and the unparalleled personalized service he provides.

Selling jewelry can be an emotional experience for many reasons, and should be treated as more than just a business transaction. Our qualified staff will conduct a proper and thorough evaluation of your jewelry to determine the best market and highest price possible. We believe in doing business with transparency and building meaningful relationships with our clients. 

At Andrew Fabrikant & Sons it is important to us that you walk away not only feeling confident in the price you’ve received, but also with an education about the value of the pieces you have sold. We have established a reputation for integrity, and work hard to earn our clients’ trust and return patronage.

Photo - Andrew Fabrikant

Andrew Fabrikant

Andrew Fabrikant has enjoyed a career in the jewelry industry for over 20 years.  After attending Boston University, Andrew spent a year working in commercial real estate before rejoining the family jewelry business, overseeing operations at the International Jewelers Exchange on the corner of 47th Street and 5th Avenue.

At the time, Andrew Fabrikant and business partners realized that there was a high demand for estate, “used” jewelry amongst their private and industry clientele, presenting a unique opportunity for Andrew to offer their knowledge and expertise to those wishing to sell their jewelry and diamonds.

Andrew established Andrew Fabrikant & Sons to best assist those looking to sell their diamonds and jewelry.

Alan D. Tognan

Alan D. Tognan began his fine jewelry career back in 1987. A native New Yorker, Alan initially entered the working world as a customs broker. After nine years he began working in retail jewelry sales on 47th Street. Within seven years, he was managing one of the busiest locations in the Diamond District. After successful years of sales and management, he ventured into the manufacturing branch of the trade. Where he became acquainted with the very unique challenges of the jewelry design.

After 35+ years of fine jewelry experience, Alan’s clients trust the very keen senses of style and fashion that he has acquired through many years of professional consultation. If there is a special piece of jewelry you are thinking about, whether to buy or sell, we encourage you to speak with Alan.

Photo - 'Coming Soon' Alan Tognan