30 September 2016
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30 September 2016, Comments 0

September brings back to school excitement, crisp fall weather, and an overall feeling of starting anew. It’s most fitting that sapphire, the official birthstone of September, signifies wisdom and pure beginnings. IMG_6647

Throughout ancient history, the sky colored gemstone has served as a motif in various narratives. In Judaism, the law of Moses was engraved on sapphire tablets. Hindu’s brought the gemstone to temples as offerings, while Christians wore the stone in scared jewelry.

No matter their religion or belief system, people from all over the world regarded the sapphire as a sacred stone. The gem acted as a good luck piece, thought to protect one from harm and ill will. It was believed to heal eye disease, as well as increase concentration.

In fact, sapphires are still used today in healing methods that hope to bring focus and strength to an individual. Though many attribute the gem’s blue color to it’s medicinal properties, sapphires comes in a variety of colors each with their own healing properties. saphire

The stone gets it’s color from elements in the mineral corundum. When additional mineral compounds form with aluminum oxide, different colors form. Similar to a diamond, sapphires are among the hardest natural elements in the world. Because of their durability, their use in watch crystals, electronics, and other everyday instruments is pivotal.

Although thousands of years ago aristocrats began giving loved ones blue sapphires, we still associate these stones to nobility. Perhaps the most famous of these royal sapphires is the 18 carat oval blue that Prince Charles gave Princess Diana when he asked for her hand in marriage. After their 1981 engagement, the sapphire ring regained popularity not seen since before the 20th century.

Whether a September baby or a queen, the benefits, envy, and prestige that come from wearing a sapphire are unparalleled.


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