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7816679_lSelling Diamonds with Andrew & Peter Fabrikant

Andrew & Peter Fabrikant buy both loose diamonds and diamond jewelry, including diamond rings. Our experts are here to educate you on the important qualities of your diamonds, and guide you through the process of selling them for the greatest possible return.

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the world’s most respected authority on diamonds and gemstones, has educated our staff members.

We are experts trained to accurately measure and evaluate a diamond’s characteristics and values.

Characteristics that factor into a diamond’s value include the “4 C’s” (color, cut, clarity, carat weight) as well as the table and depth percentages, fluorescence and proportion. Click here to read more about the 4 C’s.

Highly experienced in the jewelry trade, our trained professionals take not only the intrinsic value of the diamond’s characteristics into consideration, but also factor in the history, craftsmanship and market desirability for your particular stone or ring.

We buy diamonds of every shape and size, with or without a GIA certification. Although diamonds above 1 carat are most desirable in today’s market, we are glad to help you find the best price no matter what the size.

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