Sell Diamond Rings

Sell Diamond Rings with Andrew Fabrikant

Whether you have an inherited family heirloom, a remnant of a previous marriage, or simply something you no longer wear, finding the right place to sell your diamond ring can make all the difference.

Selling a diamond ring, especially as a result of divorce or loss of a loved one, can be a positive step to take while also being lucrative.

As with any piece of jewelry, the more information you have the better. Be sure to gather any relevant paperwork including receipts, appraisals or grading reports to get the most from your conversation with us or any other diamond and jewelry expert.diamondrings2

Andrew Fabrikant & Sons are ready to pay immediately, so no need to settle for low prices from pawnshops just because you need cash quickly.

Diamonds do appreciate in value the longer you have them, historically averaging a slow 1% a year.

If you no longer wear it, for whatever the reason, it makes logical sense to sell rather than hold onto an asset that appreciates so slowly.

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