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Marketing Services

Option 1:

Direct Purchase

A visit to our offices in Manhattan.

  • Clients always get private, in-person review of all items. Diamonds and jewelry are always inspected in front of the client.
  • After the evaluation process we will make an offer. If agreed, payment will be immediately.
  • A good option for clients who need cash now, or are afraid to leave their jewelry with us.

Sent by mail, private carrier
(FedEx, DHL, etc.)

  • Diamonds and jewelry sent to Andrew Fabrikant & Sons is inspected immediately and then evaluated.
  • After the evaluation process we will contact you and make an offer.
  • All jewelry in our possession is insured at no cost to the client.
  • Payment can be done within 24 hours, during normal business hours.

Option 2:

Brokerage Services

Brokerage is the active marketing of jewelry and diamonds to retailers and dealers worldwide. We use email to direct marketing to dealers we know and who we think will have an interest.  We take advantage of our web site which is followed by many dealers and sister web sites that market to professional jewelers only. This gives clients jewelry the advantage of exposure to professionals worldwide. 

The mathematical advantage cannot be overstated.  If I have 1,000 retail clients and I expose the jewelry to them it only takes one person to like it well enough to sell it.  However, if we expose the jewelry to 100 jewelers with only 1,000 clients each the jewelry gets expose 101000 potential people and that gives us a greater ability to find one person who would like the jewelry. 

  • Insured marketing within the industry at no cost to the client.
  • Has the advantage of getting diamonds and jewelry exposure to the appropriate dealers and retailers.
  • We only need one jeweler that has a client for it or thinks the item will go well in their inventory.
  • Professionals come to our offices for inspection of jewelry.
  • The client remains in control of their jewelry and what it sells for.  Nothing will be sold without clients permission. 
  • The Brokerage can last up to a month.
  • If any repairs are needed in order to help a successful sale, all costs will be discussed with the client. The expense for such repairs would be done at cost and is often absorbed in the sale price.
  • If we are not successful for the client than there is no fee.
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Option 3:

Retail Marketing

This service takes advantage of the Brokerage service, as well, but is mainly focused on finding a retail client. Jewelry is listed on our web sites and several other web sites we have close relationships with. 

We can and often do feature new items on our site.  We ask for a minimum of 3 months of opportunity to sell the item, but this is flexible.  If we are in the middle of negotiating with a potential client we may ask for additional time. If a client wants it back earlier, it is theirs and we will not stand in their way. 

  • No cost insurance
  • No cost to the client for professional photography.
  • Outlets are selected based upon the object being sold and the strength of the market in different areas of the world.
  • Our process selects local websites around the world. Ie: We work with a web site in Hong Kong that specializes in particular styles of jewelry.
  • Connections exist with local Retail Sites around the world.
  • Only possible expenses are costs to repair or laboratory reports that might be needed.
  • Retail marketing may take a little longer but it is also the most aggressive way to get the client the most money for their jewelry.
  • • In all cases other than a direct purchase our remuneration or fees are paid by the buyer and not the client.
  • • If we are not successful for the client than there is no fee.