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Brokerage Services

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Giving you access to our network.

Originally developed for our collectors and attorneys representing larger estates, Andrew Fabrikant & Sons are pleased to offer you our Brokerage Service.

Brokerage is our system of professionally marketing your jewelry collection or diamonds to the highest and best end user. Having been in the estate jewelry business for 125 years, our family has developed resources across the country and around the world, which means we can provide much wider exposure for your jewelry than you may be able to do on your own.

We place millions of dollars worth of jewelry every year with our extensive network of retail jewelers, dealers and private collectors. We represent your jewelry in the best markets for its type.

The key is finding which market and who within that market will value the diamond or jewelry for the most money.If your jewelry is predominately worth its weight in gold, we will examine your collection for any antiquity or aesthetic value you may have missed.   We pay up to 95% of gold.

Your jewelry is insured by us at no charge for you while in our care. As always, there is absolutely no fee for our services: our remuneration comes from the buyer and not from you. You will remain informed throughout the brokerage process and kept up to date on any offers that are made, and we will never accept an offer for your jewelry without your consent. If we are unable to obtain the price that you are looking for, we will send the jewelry back to you immediately and fully insured at our expense.

Asia and Europe have created a very strong market for larger diamonds (3 carats & up). The United States with its bridal market has proven to be the strongest market for smaller (under 3 carats) diamonds. Exceptionally large stones do well in the metropolises of the world: New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Hong Kong, Paris and London.

The Middle Eastern market has been growing exponentially and of course, they really do like them big in Texas. Antique jewelry is still strong in the US and Europe. The items bringing the higher prices are the exceptionally beautiful and well crafted. There are areas in the country better for certain styles than others but in general the United States is still the largest market for jewelry.

When it comes to getting the highest prices for your jewelry, you can trust the experts at Andrew Fabrikant and Sons to do the work for you. We can and will offer you a direct purchase price if you would like. Please let us know what we can do to help.

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