Frequently Asked Questions

Andrew Fabrikant & Sons will never send your payment before sending you a price quote first. We believe in total transparency in all our transactions.

  1. You will receive a price quote before the sale is concluded. You then give us approval before your payment is sent.
  2. We consider the highest and best use for your jewelry, not just the scrap value of the jewelry, gold, platinum, watch, etc.
  3. We provide insurance for your jewelry at no cost while on our premises.
  4. Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your valuables are in the safe hands of one of the most established families in the jewelry industry – four generations of jewelers with more than 100 years of experience!

How can Andrew Fabrikant & Sons pay higher cash prices than other jewelers for estate jewelry, including diamonds, gold, platinum, watches and more?
Knowledge, experience and need. We have a tremendous need for inventory. Our clientele come from throughout the United States and the world in order to purchase jewelry from us, which enables us to offer you aggressive and stronger prices.
What is the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?
If you are not happy, we are not happy. It is our job to get you the most out of your diamonds and jewelry. If we are not able to satisfy your needs and feel we have exhausted the market in search of the correct buyer we will return your jewelry to you at our expense. We have to live up to our reputation so if we are not the high bidder please tell us and we will try and beat it. If we are unable, then you know that you have what we consider to be an exceptional offer.
How will I be paid?
We offer 3 convenient payment methods: check, wire transfer or cash.
Is there a way to know how much you are going to pay me in advance?
If you would like to receive an estimated range of value on your jewelry prior to making an appointment, simply visit our Contact page and fill out the form with as many details as possible, including clear pictures of the piece(s) as well as copies of any appraisals, receipts, or lab reports you may have. We will do our best to be of assistance.
How long has your family been in the jewelry industry?
We can trace our family history in the jewelry business in New York to the early 1870s.
My friend sold her jewelry to you with your “Brokerage Service”. What is that?
Brokerage is a system we have developed originally for estates and charities with which we work. In its essence, Brokerage is a marketing service for your jewelry. We aggressively market your jewelry to our network of U.S. and International buyers, private clientele and collectors, seeking the highest and best end use. This service has proven to be tremendously effective for our clients. We are then operating on your side of the table and the more we can get for you the more we make. This gives us the best opportunity to do business with you. If at the end of this service you are dissatisfied, we will send the jewelry back to you at our expense. Please call or email us if you would like to take advantage of our brokerage service.
How long does the process to sell my jewelry take?
Selling time may vary slightly. A visit to our office can result in immediate payment. If you’re sending us your jewelry we can usually make an offer if one is needed within a few hours of receiving the package. If you are participating in our brokerage service we usually recommend a two-week period to market your goods properly. The key is to get the gems or jewels the most exposure to best buyers.
How can I know the value of my jewelry before I send it to you?
If you can send any and all information that you have concerning your diamonds and jewelry we will estimate the value for you. Pictures taken next to a ruler will help with the scale of the jewelry item. Laboratory reports on diamonds, such as a GIA Report and professionally written appraisals are very helpful as well. If you do not have any of these just tell us what you remember when purchasing your jewelry or what you were told if it was gifted to you. We will do the best we can to estimate for you.
How can I send my jewelry safely to your offices?
We, as a family, have been in the industry for a little less than 125 years. Over this time we have developed a wonderful relationship with our insurance carrier. We mail jewelry all over the country. When doing so, we only use the USPS. The United States Postal Service is by far the most reliable carrier available. To send jewelry to us please look at our shipping instructions on fabon5th.com. The safest way to send your jewelry through the USPS is Registered, Insured and Return Receipt Requested mail. Click here to learn more about our secure shipping or please contact us now with any questions.
Do I need a GIA Certificate in order to sell my diamond?
You do not need to have a GIA certificate in order to sell your diamond. We frequently buy diamonds without reports of any kind. It is our job to apply the same standards and grading techniques that the GIA uses in order to properly evaluate your diamond. In most cases, it is unnecessary for our clients to incur the expense of a GIA Report. If a report creates a comfort level for our clients or will work to the clients benefit, we can submit a stone for a GIA Report for you.
I have an Insurance Appraisal for my diamond. What can I expect to get based on the price I have it insured for?
Unfortunately there is no easy answer to this question. Insurance Appraisals are usually written at 20% above the original retail cost. If you are trying to decide what a piece of jewelry would be worth if purchased in the last 10 years, an industry rule of thumb would be 20%-30% of that retail cost. Today there are many exceptions to this rule. If you have purchased gold jewelry 10 years ago when gold was $500 an ounce, you will get a much higher percentage of the cost in return. You may even be able to make a profit above the original retail value.
What is the difference between estate jewelry and jewelry I have collected over the years?
“Estate” Jewelry is just a nicer way of saying previously owned. It is not only inherited jewelry. It would not sound as classy to say Experts in Used Jewelry, but Experts in Estate Jewelry sounds much more professional!
Should I consider my jewelry an investment?
This is a difficult question. Historically, diamonds have gone up in price an average of about 1% per year. Even in today’s interest rate environment you can get a much higher rate of return. The gold market is volatile. It is always our belief that you sell gold when the time is right for your family and not try to time the market. We cannot tell you where the market will be by the end of the year, or next year for that matter. We don’t know if gold will go up or down but so unless you are a knowledgeable investor it is very hard to time. Do what is right for you when is right to do it.
Can you tell me why the diamond market is so strong if the economy in the United States is weak? I read about jewelers closing all the time.
The Far East (China) has been buying diamonds to protect themselves against the failing dollar. There is also a tremendous amount of new wealth in China and diamonds have become very popular. Finer diamonds between 1 and 3 carats are in big demand and their value has increased tremendously. Diamonds over 3 carats have exploded in value.
Your website does not mention diamonds weighing less than 1 carat. Why is that and what should I do with diamonds I have that are under 1 carat?
We of course can and will buy diamonds under 1 carat. The reason we do not advertise for diamonds under one carat on our website reflects the smaller values diamonds under the carat mark bring. If a client understands the value and would still like to send us the ring or loose diamond under one carat then we welcome the opportunity to help them.
If I do not like your offer or think I should get more for the jewelry I send to you, what are my options?
We will make every effort to offer a fair price from the very beginning. If you are not happy with our offer for your jewelry we will discuss it with you. We will find out what would satisfy you and then review our thinking to see if we can push our offer to make you happy. If the price quote is not satisfactory, we will offer you our Brokerage Service allowing us to market your jewelry items for you. If we cannot come to a mutual agreement, we will send your jewelry back to you fully insured at our cost.
How does your service compare to the auction houses?
The simple fact is that with Andrew Fabrikant & Sons, you will receive a higher and faster payment than by using an auction house. For example, the average total commission charged on a sale of jewelry at auction is 30%-40%. The buyer at auction pays 25%, and the seller pays 5%-15%. That does not include photography and insurance costs. This all comes from the value of the jewelry you consign at the auction. Although the buyer is paying their commission, it is based on the total value they are putting on your piece of jewelry. If the market value of your items is $10,000, and that is what it sells for, you will net around $7,000. Smaller auction houses may not charge quite as much, but then again their audience of buyers is smaller. We share many of the professional buyers at the largest auctions and have a tremendous private clientele as well. You can use our brokerage service to accomplish the same valuations without paying anywhere near the commissions they charge. If you have that one unbelievable piece of jewelry, then auction maybe the place to sell. I would suggest only accepting placement in the October sales. This is always the best sale to participate in. If your jewelry does not get placement in the October sale it is an indication that your auctioneer is not as impressed with your jewelry as they should be.
What is the best time of year to sell jewelry?
This is an interesting question. Most people think that at or near Christmas time would be advantageous. Our experience tells us that this is not the case. Collectors don’t care when what they are looking for arrives. Most anniversaries are not in December and professionals are always on the look out for inventory.
How does your service compare to other gold buying companies?
It is very easy to buy jewelry for less than its value in gold and sell it to a refiner. We specialize in jewelry buying and finding value in your jewelry above and beyond just its intrinsic value. As gold gets higher it takes more skill and marketing of jewelry to get clients premiums for their jewelry. That is where our talent works to your advantage. If your jewelry is only worth its weight in gold then of course we will buy it from you at prices far exceeding a small local jeweler or other mail-in services. However, we will try and find additional value in anything you may send us. Each jewelry item is entered into our system individually and evaluated singularly and also as a group. This allows us to examine each piece of jewelry on its own merits and use our knowledge to achieve better results for our clients. Understanding styles, jewelry genres, gemstone quality and the best markets available for each item makes dealing with Andrew Fabrikant & Sons and our staff invaluable.