Testimonials and Reviews

“My experience working with Alan was wonderful. I felt comfortable and confident selling my jewelry with him, and he worked very hard on my behalf to get the best price possible. It was such a pleasure dealing with him, and I wholeheartedly recommend him. I will definitely deal with him in the future.” –  D.C.

“On behalf of my family, I want to thank you for your help with this. My brother said ‘he knew a guy who knew a guy…’ Well, YOU were that guy and we are lucky to have had someone to handle this who is as accomplished as you are combined with a very real sensitivity to what matters outside “all things business”. Working with you has been a joy, really. Your words about your dad, your warm attention to my best friend who needs help dealing with her jewelry after her husband’s death and your immediate response to my phone call all attest to your professionalism and, more importantly, your humanness. Thank you!” – A.D.

“Dear Andrew and Peter: A year later, I remain impressed by the warm yet professional treatment I received when you bought the diamond pin and clip that I had inherited from my mother who lived in Aspen, Colorado. If I knew someone interested in selling jewelry, I would recommend your services enthusiastically.” – C.S.

“When I Sold My Jewelry, I Made The Right Choice! I am the type of person who always does her homework before entering into any kind of business transaction, and that is how I found Andrew & Peter Fabrikant. I decided it was time to sell my drop dead gorgeous vintage sapphire ring. I spent hours researching who I could trust, who I felt comfortable dealing with and who would do the best job of marketing and selling my ring. It was a very easy decision to go with Andrew & Peter Fabrikant and I could not be more pleased with my choice. I dealt with Alan Tognan, who I know from our first conversation was himself a gem. He did a fabulous job and went the extra mile to insure I got the best price possible. He was an absolute pleasure. I highly recommend Andrew & Peter Fabrikant to anyone selling jewelry. They are honest, easy to deal with, and extremely professional. I assure you, they are the right choice!” – J.R.

“Peter, I received the package and the ring is beautiful! Thank you for all your time. Your help was greatly appreciated. Both you and Debra made it very easy and made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire process. Thanks again!” – A.G.

Thank You! “Dear Sam, It was wonderful to meet you! You were kind, attentive, and caring with me & I’m sure you are the same with everyone – I wish you the best of everything for good health & happiness. Warmest Wishes…” – L.A.

Thank you! “Andrew, thank you so much for working on this with me. I’m only going to do it once, so thank you for helping make it a day to remember!” – D.H.

Thank you so much! “Alan, thank you so much for your assistance. I’m grateful for your diligence and professionalism. Thanks again, I will be sure to recommend you in the future.” – J.M.

Thank you!  “Dear Sam, Andrew: As has been our experience in previous visits to your offices, we have been impressed by the courtesy and professionalism with which we received and with the offers you have made to purchase the items we presented. We wish to thank you for your efforts.” – P.K.

Thank you! “Peter, the rings are beautiful… Did I say beautiful? We didn’t want anything too flashy, the rings are perfect; clean and elegant. I can’t wait to give them to her. Who needs flowers or chocolate when you have rings like these?” – J.B.

Thanks! “Dear Sam, Thank you so much for all of your help these past couple of weeks. You have been a part of such an incredibly special time for us. Please accept this note as my extreme gratitude.” – G.H.

Thanks! “Thank you Debra! I certainly would recommend Andrew & Peter to friends and family should they decide to sell valuable jewelry pieces. As I mentioned to Alan, it was a very informative, positive and excellent experience for myself and my husband!” – B.A.