Milestone Timeline

1875 Andrew Fabrikant & Sons first family member enters the Jewelry business in New York

1925 Andrew Fabrikant & Sons family celebrates 50 years in the fine diamond and jewelry business

1931 Ben Fabrikant opens the Paramount Diamond Center at Bowery and Canal in NYC

1945 Ben & William Fabrikant (brothers) advertise over Center Field at Yankee Stadium and on the Manhattan Bridge

1951 Ben Fabrikant sells the largest purple diamond the family has ever seen

1952 Ben Fabrikant stations a Diamond Cutter in front of the street level window to attract an audience at the Paramount Diamond Center

1954 The Paramount Diamond Center becomes the first jewelry exchange to install Air Conditioning

1955 William Fabrikant opens a Jewelry Exchange at 2 West 47th Street in New York

1956 The brothers (Ben & William Fabrikant) own a 7.07 carat Pink Marquis Diamond, “Le Rosé”, originally displayed at The World’s Fair in 1904

1960 Ben Fabrikant opens an exchange on the corner of 47th Street and 6th Avenue in New York

1973 William Fabrikant opens the International Jewelry Exchange in New York

1975 Andrew Fabrikant & Sons Family celebrates an amazing 100 years as leaders in the jewelry buying business

1992 Andrew Fabrikant & Sons incorporate to become the leading diamond and estate jewelry buyers in New York

2008 Andrew Fabrikant & Sons celebrate 10 years of their successful website

2010 Andrew Fabrikant & Sons recently celebrated 135 years as a leading jeweler in New York City and across the nation

2012 Andrew Fabrikant & Sons ( launch their new interactive and informative website to the public