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29 April 2016
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Will The Oppenheimer Blue Diamond Sell for $45 Million?

29 April 2016, Comments 0

The rarity coupled with the undeniable beauty of blue diamonds make their sale not only exciting but expensive. Perhaps the most newsworthy of these rare […]

18 April 2016
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Apple Sells Old Gadget Gold

18 April 2016, Comments 0

Apple must have took notice of the fortuitous moment in the gold market once they discovered that their recycling program recovered more than one ton of […]

7 April 2016
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April Birthstone: Diamonds

7 April 2016, Comments 0

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but for girls born in April, diamonds are a birthright. Undoubtedly, the official birthstone of the month of April is the […]

1 April 2016
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Designer Spotlight: Harry Winston

1 April 2016, Comments 0

With the nickname “The King of Diamonds”, it should come as no surprise that when Harry Winston was twelve years old he bought a 25 […]

25 March 2016
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The Million Dollar Easter Egg Hunt

25 March 2016, Comments 0

Unlike most who celebrate Easter with dyed hard boiled eggs and sugary Peep marshmallows, the Russian aristocracy celebrated Easter extravagantly. Comprised of enamel, gold, and precious gems, the nobility’s […]

21 March 2016
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Shirley Temple’s Blue Diamond For Auction

21 March 2016, Comments 0

Shirley Temple’s rare blue diamond is up for auction at Sotheby’s this April. 12-year-old Temple received the Fancy Deep Blue diamond ring from her father with […]

15 March 2016
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Battle of the Bling

15 March 2016, Comments 0

With wedding season just around the corner its no surprise that Facebook timelines are abuzz with recently changed relationship statuses. Whether your neighbor or Kim […]

10 March 2016
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Joan Rivers’s Private Collection

10 March 2016, Comments 0

When Joan River’s left her legacy as a controversial, over the top, comedian, she left an apartment that matched. The luxurious furnishings, personal items, and […]

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