Why Not Divorce Your Jewels?

As the saying goes, “A Diamond is forever”; but unfortunately marriages are not. So give your diamond engagement and wedding ring the burial it deserves! As a buyer, and a woman myself, who has dealt with women grappling with the decision as to whether to sell their diamond betrothal rings, ultimately they come to the conclusion to sell them.

Why? Their reasons are many.
“It’s a cathartic experience to sell my ring”, “I can recoup some of my divorce expenses”, “It is an investment in my children’s future”, “ This is my way of celebrating being un-married”, “I can buy something for myself”, “I can re-invent myself and pursue new relationships”, “With this sale, I’m buying a new life.”

Undoubtedly selling your diamond ring, once symbolic of a joyful union between the two of you, is a highly charged emotional decision. But note that The National Center for Health Statistics purports that the ex-wife generally ends up with the diamond ring; she also ends up harboring the negative feelings associated with the divorce and the diamond ring no longer brings the joy it once did.

Ladies, a book well worth reading is Money, A Memoir: Women, Emotions and Cash by Liz Perle. In it she “urges women to forget Prince Charming, stop fantasizing about that six-burner Viking stove, and start funding their IRAs.”

So if you’re hiding away your diamond in a safety deposit box, a jewelry box or even your drawer, dust if off and release yourself of the memories that once were of another life. The benefit of ‘letting go’ of this marital object far outweighs any reason one might want to keep it.  It makes financial sense, it gives you the freedom to help re-invent yourself, to buy that luscious jeweled bauble, to venture forth on that long-awaited vacation, to go back to school, or simply save it for that unexpected expense and/or pleasure.

As Ivana Trump advises the three divorcees in the movie, The First Wives Club, “Ladies, you have to be strong and independent and remember, don’t get mad, get everything.” At the very least sell your diamond ring and join the many women who gather together to celebrate their new found freedom at “Just Got Divorced” parties!