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Andrew & Peter Fabrikant, Fine Diamonds and Jewelry (FabOn5th.com) is one of the finest jewelry businesses in New York. With four generations and more than 100 years in the jewelry trade, we have established and earned the cherished respect of our clientele and affiliates all over the world.


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Andrew & Peter Fabrikant (FabOn5th.com) are estate jewelry buyers and specialize in signed and unsigned estate jewelry (pre-owned jewelry), diamonds, watches, gold and more. We invite those who would like to:

Our family heritage holds a reputation for assessing each item of jewelry not only for its intrinsic worth but its aesthetic value, its market desirability and history. We can and will provide you with the best valuations. Andrew & Peter Fabrikant (FabOn5th.com) are in a position to guarantee any and all purchases for quality and price. You'll find doing business with Andrew and Peter Fabrikant to be a professional and enriching experience.

The entire staff of Andrew & Peter Fabrikant are trained by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). You'll find the advantage of having the expert guidance of our trained staff at your disposal for a quantified quality assessment of your jewelry. Whether you are buying or would like to sell diamonds to us, we at FabOn5th.com can assure you of a transparent and straightforward business transaction.

You can sell diamonds to us from anywhere in the United States. Those living in or around New York may prefer to visit our office to sell diamonds, but we can also arrange for shipment of your item in a secure and insured manner for assessment. Below are just a few of the kinds of luxury jewelry items we are looking to buy if you would like to:

Sell Luxury Watches, Diamonds, Gold, Estate Jewelry

Perhaps you're simply interested in having an evaluation of your jewelry's value from us. Andrew & Peter Fabrikant Fine Diamonds / Fabon5th.com can help you ascertain a fair assessment. The decision to sell or not sell diamonds is entirely yours and your decision will be respected. We understand that in many cases, jewelry may have more sentimental value than actual worth. Every deal is held in confidence and we assure you of a strictly safe and secure, insured transaction process.

Jewelry is not usually an outstanding financial investment, and will often depreciate in value over the years. Recognizing this, you may want to consider selling diamonds, or selling luxury watches, gold, or other estate jewelry that you have not used in a year or more. Your jewelry may no longer fit your life style, or you are tired of paying to insure it, etc.

Contact us NOW if you would like to sell your diamonds, watches, gold or other estate jewelry. We always discuss our offers first before sending a payment for your estate jewelry.

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